Why Sophie Howard Has a Low Rating on Trustpilot

Sophie Howard has a very low rating on Trustpilot, and many customers have bluntly called her program a scam. Here’s why:


She teaches students how to build an Amazon FBA business by developing a proven private label system. She also demonstrates finding product sources and launching a Facebook ad campaign. Checkout Sophie Howard Reviews for more information.

Sophie Howard has built a reputation as a businesswoman who knows how to make money online. She claims to have multiple 7-figure businesses, including an Amazon FBA business selling incontinence products and another selling wool products. Her reputation has earned her a large following on social media, and she has even participated in a Master of Wealth event alongside Robert Kiyosaki. She is also the author of a book that outlines her business experience and promises to help others succeed.

In the course, Sophie shares her strategies for sourcing high profit and low competition “Blue Sky” products on Amazon. She also explains how to manage an Amazon FBA business in the long term, and how to develop a brand that attracts millennials. She offers a comprehensive approach to branding that is more effective than other FBA programs.

The program consists of 14 modules that cover all aspects of the Amazon FBA business model. The modules are broken down into sessions that last about an hour each. The modules are well organized and include a lot of useful information. However, the video quality isn’t as good as you might expect from an instructor of this magnitude. It’s hard to take notes when the instructor crisscrosses ideas and concepts.

One of the most valuable lessons from the course is how to create a compelling product listing. Sophie teaches students how to write titles and descriptions that will catch the attention of Amazon site visitors. This will help them boost their sales and increase profits. Sophie also provides tips for identifying trends in the market and creating a strategy that will capitalize on them.

Another module is devoted to the art of branding. Sophie explains how to identify a target market and the key factors in choosing a niche. She also discusses the importance of choosing a unique selling point that differentiates your product from other competing products in the marketplace.

She also teaches her students how to use keywords to maximize the impact of product listings. She also demonstrates how to select the right photos and write product descriptions that will attract potential customers. The course includes a number of practical guidelines on how to promote a private label business using social media and email marketing.

Another important component of the course is analyzing competitor’s reviews. Sophie advises her students to analyze competitors’ product pages to find out what makes them stand apart from their competition. This will enable them to devise a marketing strategy that will give them an edge over their competitors. The course is a great resource for anyone looking to start an Amazon FBA business.

The Support

Sophie Howard is known as the “Amazon Selling Queen.” She claims to have multiple seven-figure Amazon businesses. She also has a reputation for teaching her students how to create their own online business and earn passive income. She has been in the business of creating and promoting online courses for years, and she has built up a large following.

She has created a number of different courses that promise to help people start and grow their own online businesses. Some of these courses are free, while others require a payment. Regardless of the cost, Sophie Howard’s courses are designed to be simple and easy to understand. She offers one-year support and is available to answer any questions her students may have.

Unlike many other online business coaches, Sophie Howard has real-world experience in the business world. She is a New Zealander who started her FBA business while caring for her newborn infant at home in 2014. Within 18 months, she successfully developed a seven-figure eCommerce company on Amazon selling tea products. Her proven private label system includes the organic tea brand Higher Tea, which received a takeover offer from a company she mentions often in her courses.

Her ability to find long-term and unique goods is what made her successful in the FBA marketplace. She finds items that are rare and hard to find, then works with a designer to make them look great. She then ships the products to Amazon’s warehouse and allows them to handle everything else. This allows her to focus on running her business and bringing in more revenue.

In her course, she teaches students how to build a business in the FBA marketplace using a step-by-step process. She also reveals the most profitable and easiest ways to launch products and drive sales. In addition, she explains how to develop and test an effective marketing campaign for your product.

The course is a must-have for anyone who wants to succeed in the FBA marketplace. Its step-by-step training is easy to follow, and Sophie’s course also offers 1-year support. This means that she is committed to helping her students achieve their goals. She has a wide range of resources that are available to her students, including webinars and live workshops. In addition, she has a private Facebook group where students can ask questions and get support from other members. She has also published a book called Amazon Jetstream Income, which details her selling experiences and promises to teach readers how to launch their own businesses.

The Final Words

Sophie Howard is one of the many e-commerce gurus teaching people how to make money on Amazon. Her advice and insights are widely respected in the industry because she has successfully started, sold, and grown two businesses on the platform. She also works as a consultant and mentor to help others succeed in the same way.

Sophie’s business model is based on private labeling, but she takes things a step further by finding uncommon items that can be mass produced and then working with a designer to create high-end labels. She then sells the items to Amazon, which does the rest of the work for her, including packaging, shipping, returns, and support. This frees up her time to focus on marketing and customer service.

The New Zealander started her FBA business while looking after her newborn infant in her home in 2014. In just 18 months, she had effectively developed a seven-figure eCommerce company on Amazon selling tea products with the help of a team of virtual assistants. Her organic tea brand Higher Tea was a proven private-label system and even received an acquisition approach from a large company, which she mentions several times throughout her classes.

In 2016, she published a book titled Amazon Jetstream Income that details her selling experiences and promises to assist individuals launch businesses on the platform. However, the book reads more like a lengthy sales pitch than a genuine guide to success.

She currently manages a number of successful Amazon businesses, with one of them bringing in seven figures per year. She has recently jumped on the cognitive function medication bandwagon by launching an herbal tea brand, and she’s also working on a project in Auckland that will connect artisans with customers through a digital marketplace.